Graduates with film and communications degree but eschews the coasts. Decides to stay in Detroit and study graphic
design on his own. Consumes considerable volume of design books, Coca-Cola and pizza.

Lucky job streak begins with first job at small ad agency. Illustrates, photographs, designs. Real world design school
ensues. Attempts first freelance for a friend’s band. A passion is realized.

Wanders into Detroit’s CPOP Gallery on a whim. Within one month is hired as Graphic Arts Director. Studies design
and lowbrow art while designing for CPOP. Talks owner into getting a Coca-Cola machine.

Hired as Graphic Arts Director for first Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF), designs and dances. More CPOP,
along with two more DEMFs. More Coca-Cola from CPOP’s Coke machine. Takes a brief interlude in San Francisco
as the dot.com bubble bursts. Rethinks, returns to Detroit.

Seeks the healing power of fluorescence, takes art director job at marketing firm with no Coke machine. For balance,
opens Primary Space art gallery in Hamtramck with CPOP co-conspirator, Carrie Hazel. Much art and brie is consumed.

Leaves marketing firm, returns to freelancing. Gallery continues to flourish and provide amazing art and 2-Buck-Chuck
to thirsty art buyers. Another electronic music festival, now called Movement. Creates extremely popular techno merch.

Relocates to New York. Experiences design overload in great American metropolis. Creates JamieBert design store on Etsy
and sells design, wit, ink, and paper. Gets MexiCokes at corner bodega.

Launches all new JamieLatendresse.com and simultaneously steps into the Creative Director role at the Whole Brain Group. Closes New York offices and reopens in San Francisco. Joy ensues. Welcome!