So I’ve finally managed to get my new prints up on Etsy. For homemade prints these are super swank. Printed on acid-free, 100% cotton rag. Its brilliant white surface sets off the colors and contrast of the designs.

Living in Antichrist

“Hey what do you want to do tonight my friends? Say, isn’t that new Lars Von Trier film ‘Antichrist’ showing down in the Village? Ooh Charlotte Gainsbourg, love her! And Willem Dafoe too! Both of them directed by Lars! How can we go wrong!” Ahh what a night in the cinema that was, as Dafoe’s shrink attempts to ravel (or unravel depending who you ask) the unspooling mind of Gainsbourg’s griefstricken motherwife. It’s got woods, it’s got a cabin, it’s got an antique grinding wheel and a chaos worshipping fox.

I grew up watching slasher films full of lovers in the woods being hacked to pieces by some deranged, soulless psychotic. Antichrist takes that classic movie archetype and refocusses it through Von Trier’s unique vision. As a bonus we get a delightful selection of great vintage and rustic interiors to draw inspiration from. Ideas aplenty for vacation home decor, travel and camping apparel, vintage tools and sundries of every kind. Remember the rusty wrench Gainsbourg’s character unhinges the grinding wheel with? Beautiful. And who could forget her blood-stained floral blouse. A delicate classic. There’s just so much to take in, the only challenge is deciding which of Von Triers gorgeous aesthetics to emulate.

Of course, this is all in good fun. I wish to offer my support and admiration to the folks over at Design Sponge. Without their inspiration I would not have had the opportunity to work up this little satire. It was a hoot to juxtapose their “living in ____” idea with a movie no one would ever want to live in. Chaos Reigns!

Print Prints PRINTS

Long hiatus from my design blog. And I can admit it, I was led astray by another. And then another. But not to worry design blog, you’re the steady player. I’ll always come back to you design blog.

Lately I’ve been getting back into illustration to balance out my client work. Illustration with me usually leads to a desire for prints. (As mentioned above it also means apparel, and greeting cards.) However, with the taming of my printzilla Epson some high quality inkjet prints are back in the mix. I’ve been exploring a number of ideas…


Subway Seats


Some or all of these designs already (or will) cross-reference on my card and apparel outlets but I really want to put these prints out there. Naturally I’ll keep everyone posted.

ISO50 Lecture

I’ve been a fan of Scott’s work (and music) for some time so it was nice to actually see and hear him talk about it. This video is from his lecture to the Academy of Art. Be sure to check out his blog + site if you’ve never done.

ISO50 | Academy of Art Lecture Clips from ISO50 on Vimeo.

A 4GB Photoshop file… that’s some compositing.

F.Ted & J.Crew

No longer king of the dipsh*ts, Anthony Michael Hall’s “The Geek” from Sixteen Candles has come full circle. Not only has this classic character reached pop culture icon status, he’s now sparking fashion trends. Jake Ryan’s look is so Abercrombie, so 2003. Go for geek.

Little did Ted know, as he slid in behind Samantha on the bus that fateful afternoon, that his inimitable style would find its way to the shelves and racks that Jack Knows Best. As of this spring, you can completely recreate the Farmer Ted look at J.Crew. Stop by J.Crew men’s and find…

…everything from the pink oxford shirt, to the Levis and Stan Smith Adidas, right down to the green windbreaker; his entire ensemble is present and accounted for. Don’t devastate your reputation as a dude, pick up your geek essentials and bag a babe.

P.S. Don’t forget to make fresh breath a priority in your life.

Pr1mary Space POSTERS

Art Array 2

After an extensive review and redux process, the commemorative Pr1mary Space exhibition posters are complete and up on my Flickr site.

Certainly one of my favorite parts of the design work I did for the gallery, it was really cool to revisit and refresh these designs. I’m hoping to make them available as 1-off prints for sale on Etsy and the gallery’s web site.

Art for SALE

Cloud Kid "Chopper" - Deth P Sun

After owning an art gallery for several years you end up with quite a collection. It’s the primary (no pun intended) perk of such work. When I lived in Detroit I had the resources to keep everything I collected, even if it wasn’t hanging. Now, living in New York, storage (and wallspace) are at a premium. How do you choose what stays and what goes?

In the last decade I’ve become increasingly less sentimental about possessions. Sometimes out of necessity, sometimes just to lighten the load I carry through life. Fortunately this tendency does not clash with my art collecting ideology. Works of art can be a lot like friends and acquaintances: they come in and out of your life. Things that moved me 5 or 10 years ago may not hold the same allure today. This shift does not diminish the value of those works naturally. Indeed they may be more valuable to others now, than they were at the time of their original purchase.

As my work focus shifted over the past 4 years following the close of Pr1mary Space, so too has my taste in artwork. I’m drawn to design-focussed work more and more and my interest in illustrative painting has waned. Don’t misunderstand me, I still have a great number of paintings and illustrations in my collection – some from the same artists whose work I am here selling – and most of those I will never sell.

Still, things do change and different responsibilities and priorities emerge. I’m honored to have had the privilege both to represent and to collect these artists’ work. I hope to enjoy that privilege again before too long.

PANTONE Kicks Up Heels

For the several last year Pantone has been expanding into consumer products with gifts like mugs and peppermills, home items like house paints, and even eyewear.

Now a partnership with shoemaker Sevees and J.Crew has yielded Pantone colored oxfords! But with such a spectrum to choose from why such boring colors?!


They’re the answer to my gift dilemmas every year. Normally people tell you, “Hey, don’t get any ideas.” Well not this time. Here’s some lists I’ve culled for the 2009 season that are just jam-packed with ideas.

MUJI. While Muji isn’t necessarily known to all, it should be! This no-nonsense Japanese purveyor of sublime yet nondescript sundries and accessories has been one of my favorites since first encountering it in Japan in the 90s. Check out the cities in a bag.

Bought in Detroit. Detroit, despite it’s constant press malignment, is hip. Don’t listen to what anybody else says. There’s some cool-ass stuff going on in Detroit and hey! You can buy it! PLEASE buy it. My friends and colleagues need the business!

Core77. Every year Core77 does an amazing gift guide of reasonably priced designy things. Well… almost every year. Despite a couple Detroit-based listings this year (like this and this), this year’s list let me down a little so I suggest hitting the previous year’s list. And the year before that. And the year before that. Sure some of the links might be down or unavailable but it will still give you IDEAS. You’re savvy. You can find em.

Cool Hunting. Made moreso by the fact you don’t have to hunt so much. Cool Hunting is a Cool Blog I like to Cool Read. Lots of Cool Things to give you Cool Ideas. (That’s enough.) What? (With the “cool”.) Oh.

Pitchfork. For you musos out there Pitchfork put together an eclectic list of ideas for the musically minded. Everything from Kraftwerk and Warp to the Grateful Dead and Throbbing Gristle.

A MODERN Holiday Greeting

I’ve been wanting to do these kinds of holiday designs since I bought my first MoMA holiday cards 15 years ago. Odd that it took me until now to really get it going! I just don’t see the kinds of holiday cards I’m looking for these days, even at MoMA.

These kinds of modern and abstract representations really appeal to me, especially when applied to traditional imagery like the Christmas Tree and other holiday elements. It’s not something I see nearly as much as I’D like in the holiday card market. I admit that while I call them modern, they’re a little retro too. The ambiguity of that is appealing to me as someone who appreciates the “modern” design of the mid-twentieth century.

I’m just printing these myself for now and I’m going to see how they do. There’s several more at my Etsy store so please go check them out! You can pick up individual cards and sets too!